Reasons To Use Pizza Box Topper Advertising

Your ad is personally delivered to the doors of your audience.

You connect your brand with your target audience at a competitive price.

A single pizza box ad is seen by an average of 4 people at a time, for an average time period of 30-45
minutes.  That's a total of 120-180 minutes of exposure per ad, not including additional exposure once
the box topper is displayed after the pizza is gone!

Your audience is seeing your ad during an enjoyable dining experience, which is an excellent time to

Pizza box toppers also have pizza store coupons on them along with your ad, so pizza shops will be
sure to include your ad on their boxes.

About 94% of Americans eat pizza.  

The average person eats around 46 slices of pizza per year.  Roughly 3 billion pizzas are ordered per
year in the United States.  

The Average Family Eats Pizza 30 Times Per Year

Most people who have pizza delivered to their home are between 18-45 years old.  Households using
pizza delivery have an average annual household income of $90,000+.  What do all of these numbers
mean? It means your add will be seen!

A smart and effective way to advertise

Pizza box ads are low cost - only pennies per ad

Your ad goes out everyday on both pick up and deliveries. Unlike most other print advertising that is
going out just one time.

You have exclusive placement for your type of business or service on the box topper.

Since pizza shop coupons are attached to your add, people will keep it for future orders, meaning your
ad will remain viewable longer.

Full Color high impact ads make your ad more effective than black and white print ads.

Your ad is personally delivered to the doors of your audience.

Your ad has a much longer shelf life, most pizza box ads are kept or posted on the refrigerator door
because they want to use the discounts for their next order, your ad rides alone and may be seen for
weeks. No other media offers this kind of exposer.

Effective, targeted marketing

You don't have to deal with mailing lists, postage, printing or mailing anything.  Pizza box advertising
costs only around 10% of the cost of direct mailings!